As a child I focused on the small, often unobserved miracles of nature: the multi hues of a river washed stone, the movement of a sea urchin being gently stroked by the ocean current or the brilliant and sensual yellow stamen of the wild violets in my mothers backyard. These and many more wonders were my entertainment.

Working with a variety of techniques heightens my senses and helps me bring renewed enthusiasm to everything I do. I like to dig into something new. Encaustics, mixed media and digital fine art give me that opportunity. However, I am focusing on encaustic as it offers me, what I consider the
best of both worlds. What I mean by this is I am able
to use an ancient medium to express my contemporary "eye".

To better understand my philosophy of painting and life, I offer the following story I wrote on October 22, 1995.

After completing all the preparatory tasks to leave on vacation, I sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee. As if being pulled by an invisible string, I looked out the sliding glass door that faces west.

I spotted two magnificent monarch butterflies in the oleanders. They were caught in a spider web the size of a large double hung window. At first I thought, how sad. These two beautiful creatures were soon to become part of the food chain. One sat, almost complacent to its destiny, only briefly fluttering its wings. The other struggled madly, trying to escape. In their royal colors of yellow, gold and black they played out their part.

As I sat there pondering all the situations in life which were similar to this scene, the complacent monarch flew away. The other continued it's struggle, beating its wings wildly. Wondering its fate, I waited and watched. Within two minutes, it too unleashed itself from the spider's sticky trap.

What a profound example of my own reality! Some of us accepting our fate while continuing to journey forward and others struggling with each encounter and breath taken.

That scene told me the end result of chaos is the same whether I react peacefully or I struggle. Therefore, I attempt to be aware and alert to each moment, accepting the direction and reactions I choose. My paintings are an extension of this acceptance and are an attempt to exaggerate and explain both the complexity and simplicity of my daily reality.

I hope you enjoy what you see!